Jewelry Wax Modeling






Creating jewelry in carving wax is designing with a versatile, pliable medium which is receptive to a variety of modeling techniques, forming easily to the desired shape.















Through the process outlined in this volume, you will learn how to effectively use carving wax to express your ideas and create harmonious designs.

Each lesson introduces new projects in wax modeling, gradually broadening your ability with emphasis on developing hand skills and attention to detail.

The technique of jewelry modeling is presented with meticulous step-by-step instructions and drawings revealing the progress of each model. The illustrations indicate the dimensions of the model at every stage and the position of the hands
or tools during the modeling process.







As your technical versatility increases, your attention is guided to other aspects of the modeling process, such as working from perspective illustrations, making your own sketches and creating layouts with stones.

This book also contains practical information on tools and stone setting, instructions on creating your own templates and answers to the most frequently asked questions.





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