Wax Modeling for Jewelry
And Sculpture

The Matt Gun Extruding Technique







This book provides the wax model maker with an introduction to the methodology of wax extrusion and the extruding gun. The book has two purposes: to explain the use of the Matt Gun as a wax model making tool, and to explain, in a general way, the jewelry making process.

The reader learns the nature of the waxes, wax working methods, special and essential tools and the operation of the Matt Gun. Full instructions are given on the extruding technique and how to get the most out of it, by providing a few actual modeling projects.




Concluding chapters help the designer in developing his or her own personal style. Included are helpful hints about techniques, design, the jewelry making process and an invaluable compilation of illustrations that inspire exciting variations on the finished projects.

This book is included in the Matt Gun Kit
(Item #CA-955).
See Tools section.







Visit the Gallery for more examples of jewelry created with the Matt Gun extruding technique.






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