Gold Collector







The Matt Gold Collector traps every shred of precious metal produced during general grinding work, rubber wheel polishing or wire wheel texturing. It also traps precious stones while dismantling jewelry pieces.

The rounded side opening enables you to keep your hands and arms in a natural, comfortable working position for reduced fatigue. The Gold Collector protects eyes, skin and clothing from dust, flying particles and wire from brushes. Keeps your work area clean for increased productivity and less clean-up time, while providing a healthier work environment.











Made of high-impact extruded plastic, with easily removeable, non-glare Plexiglass shield. It can be secured to the bench pin with an included clamp, or can be used as a freestanding unit.

Light-weight, sturdy and completely portable for easy storage.





Matt waxes and tools are now part of the Freeman family of specialty waxes.
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