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The Matt Gun and the Wax Extruding Technique





















Matt Gun Kit #CA-955 (110V model)
Matt Gun Kit # CA-955/220 (220V model)





The wax extruding technique is based on the ability of the Matt Gun to transform pellets of hard wax into wire of different shapes and thicknesses as opposed to the uniform diameter of pre-extruded wax or metal wire. The ability to control the pressure of extrusion and the wax temperature allows the jewelry maker to create organic structures.

One particularly outstanding feature of this technique is that it is possible to express large volume with a minimum of weight. Three different types of wax pellets are used for modeling with the Matt Gun:
Blue, Green and Red. Each wax has been formulated to create a special effect that cannot be achieved with other techniques.







A wax pellet is inserted into the Matt Gun. After two or three minutes, the gun will have reached the normal working temperature. Using even pressure, the operator pushes the gun feed rod until the wax begins to emerge from the tip, starting the designing process.









Blue Pellets
These are specially formulated to cool quickly after the extrusion from the gun, enabling the jeweler to design over a surface such as a ring mandrel or stone. Cooling the wax even faster by blowing on it, has the effect of freezing designs in mid-air without support, thus producing unique effects.




Green Pellets
Shooting a controlled stream of the green wax onto a bowel of water with the Matt Gun produces random effects that can be controlled to some extent. The resulting designs are beautifully fluid and graceful.





Red Pellets
This wax has been formulated to produce strong and very flexible strands that can be braided and woven together, while maintaining their strength. They can even be woven into macrame or crochet patterns.




The Matt Gun Kit includes gun, two brass tips (small and large orifice), wrench, three colors of wax pellets and a generously illustrated, 113 page book by Adolfo Mattiello providing complete instructtions.

Matt Gun Kit, #CA-955 (110V model)
Matt Gun Kit, # CA-955/220 (220V model)





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