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Handpiece not included




The Matt Mini-Lathe is a versatile hand-held tool, designed to turn rods of carving wax into bands, bezels, special settings, coin holders, chess pieces, etc.




Matt Mini-Lathe Kit #CA-2803





The lathe is made to be powered by a flex shaft with a 1" (25mm) diameter hand piece such as a #30 hand piece. The Mini-Lathe is also available with a 30mm bracket.

The kit includes the Matt Mini-Lathe, precision gauge, three wax-holding collets, one cutting tool installed in the lathe, two extra cutting tool blanks for custom shaping, a set of three hand tool blades (each with pre-shaped ends for getting started on the projects, three rods of wax, and a 32-page instruction booklet featuring step-by-step projects.




Turning Operation








The kit provides rods of wax in three different diameters. Each rod is made with a centered hole in one end into which the wax holding collet is placed.




The holding collet is heated on the flame of an alcohol lamp or Bunsen burner then pushed into the wax rod until the flat, round surface is in complete contact with the wax. A small amount of wax is allowed to flow evenly over the edge of the collet. After cooling, the wax rod is ready for use with the lathe. This operation can be made easier with the use of the Matt Centering Tool.

After attaching the wax rod to the hand piece, the turning is accomplished by sliding the cutting tool against the spinning rod. The same cutting tool is used to turn the rod in the outside, in the front, as well as to make and enlarge the center hole or finger size.




The great potential and versatility of the Matt Mini-Lathe enables the operator to create inexpensively, the forming tools for men's band shapes. To get started, the kit supplies three stainless steel blades with different shapes at each end. Resting the blade on the hand tool, the blade is pushed against the rod to form half-round bands, for channel setting, bezels, etc.







It is possible to create free-form design bands by extruding the shape with the Matt Gun over a turned wax band. After cooling, the band is turned again. By lightly shaving off the rounded wire of the extruded band, a flat look is achieved. The extruded band can be removed from the turned band and cast separately for two-tone rings.





Matt waxes and tools are now part of the Freeman family of specialty waxes.
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