Matt Reamer






A good design begins with a perfect blank.

With the Matt Reamer you can quickly create perfect wax blanks, with smooth and parallel walls and bore finger sizes straight through the blanks, to the exact dimensions. The Reamer consists of a precision ground steel rod with a holding knob and two specially designed carbide blades.









The wing blade is for planing the tube surface while the boring bit is for the finger size. Turn the Reamer clockwise and counterclockwise. The blade cuts in both directions, shearing off a thin film of wax with every stroke, leaving a perfectly flat surface.

After replacing the wing blade with the boring bit, turn the Reamer clockwise--the hole is enlarged to the precise size with smooth inner walls. The bit has engraved lines that indicate various finger sizes. You can also create bezels for round stones.






Matt waxes and tools are now part of the Freeman family of specialty waxes.
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