Matt Trimmer






Designed to operate with a flex shaft, the Matt Trimmer's basic function is to cut perfectly symmetrical shanks, to shape straight or curved surfaces, as well as to cut channels. The carbide rotary file included in the kit has been specially designed to leave a smooth finish in the wax without clogging.



Handpiece not included




Matt Trimmer Kit #CA-2880




The design template has 18 different cut-out ring shapes ranging from popular to more unusual, for ladies as well as gentlemen. The kit provides an instruction manual and slices of tubes in various sizes and hardness that will allow you to begin working immediately.









Turning and Milling Operation




The plastic design template is an essential part of this kit. It eliminates the time consuming job of drawing the outlines of rings with rulers and dividers and avoids the irregularity in the contour of a shank made by drawing free-hand.

The precise filing of shapes, both flat and curved surfaces, and at different angles, is one of the basic skills that the model maker develops through the years. This job, which is in itself time consuming (and for some a nuisance!) is nevertheless, of primary importance since the accurate rendition of a jewelry piece depends upon it.

By initiating a model with an accurate, symmetrical blank, we are able to use its contour as points of reference for any element within the design, controlling the balance and symmetry of the piece.

It is through the basic operation of cutting perfect blanks that the Matt Trimmer will prove its useful value. With a quick adjustment of the table, this tool is ready for milling, so you will be able to cut grooves and blind or open channels with remarkable precision and speed.





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